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The WaCo project

What is WaCo

WaCo (Waste digital coin) solution aims to integrate the consumer with the WaCo APP into the waste chain system. With WaCo, consumers enjoy benefits while disposing of wastes. The idea is to reward users with cryptocurrency tokens after successfully disposing of their waste. In exchange, crucial data will be obtained from consumers, such as customer patterns, accumulation and handling of waste, and availability of disposed products to feed the recycling industry. The information obtained from the consumers can be used by stakeholders such as the recycling industry, consumer goods manufacturers, and government bodies in charge of waste collection policies.

The WaCo project focuses on many different layers of impact, from social, ethnical, environmental and educational impact on one hand to business and revenues opportunity on the other. With one big impact, all the objectives are synchronized in the same direction of sustainability. WaCo aims to achieve a win win situation for every party involved in the project.

Real time
waste tracking

Blockchain allows real-time waste tracking.

Revolutionizing waste management
with blockchian technology

Nobody will hate the idea of getting a reward for disposing of wastes.


Waste disposal is the event that occurs when the waste passes from the consumer to the collector.


Revolutionizing waste management with blockchain technology

WaCo solutions will rebrand the waste management sector with blockchain technology as the integration of blockchain will enable the government and other members of the ecosystem to be able to track waste management.

With the integration of blockchain technology, the movement of waste products from the source to the final destination can be easily managed. The waste management system is divided into various sections, so neither government nor stakeholders can control all the steps, in this way the data are public, non modifcable and not repudiable.

With the Waste Trace System, waste disposal is tracked in each step of the process. The system consists of an APP and the core system WTS. The WTS APP is the interaction tool between the consumer and the core system in blockchain. The entire WTS has the primary purpose of profiling the contributions, rewarding, and enhancing the actions of those who systematically separate their waste and thus contribute to protecting the planet.

Our Goal

Real time waste tracking system

To enhance people’s paticipation in waste management, they must be included in the value chain and get rewards for properly disposing of waste, recycling and reusing. The WaCo project does just that, it’s technology automatically monitors the waste management process automation and records valuable information. WaCo uses blockchain technology which offers secure storage data and cryptocurrency which enables the reward for people in real-time.

Aim is to establish a waste trace system (WTS) that is facilitated with an appropriate APP which will support consumers to correctly dispose the waste, acquiring in the mean time quality data,  about waste disposal while rewarding consumers with cryptocurrency. The WaCo project will create and manage a dedicated blockchain where the attained data will be processed through data analysis tools. Information releating to trends and forecasts will then be provided to public and private stakeholders.

Various stakeholders of the ecosystem must play their roles effectively and that is why nobody will hate the idea of getting a reward for disposing wastes, and in the long run, the reward will enhance the separation of waste at the household level. Hence the real-time waste tracking, providing answers to questions such as who deposited the wastes, who collected it, where it is being transported and other. WaCo offers a single decentralized platform, which can trace waste form the beginning to the end of the cycle, thereby ensuring a greener atmosphere.

Token structure

Token Distribution

WaCo tokens will be considered as a method to participate in the WaCo market. WaCo will be available as a payment token on the global green energy future, based on blockchain and will be an acceptable reward for embracing sustainability.

To monetize the data on disposals, we propose to consider the quality and quantity of waste. As a principle, the idea is to determine the value in a currency, e.g. euro, by attributing a specific weight to the various types of waste. The accured value could be determined by the weighted mean of the quantities of waste delivered – calculated over a given time interval – and by a conversion factor. Nevertheless, the final economic value will be spent in tokens according to this change rate at the time of use.

  • 30% Team

  • 10% Project Developement

  • 50% Token Sale

  • 3% Airdrop

  • 5% Marketing

  • 2% Advisors


How it all Started

Company Setup & Partnerships
2018 (jul-dec) Be-Leader D.O.O. Foundation
Company Setup & Partnerships
2019 (jul-dec) Strategic partnership with Penelope Spa
The WaCo Project
2020 (mar-may) Project Budget Definition and System Design
WaCo Development
2021 (apr-sep) WaCo App Development 2021 (apr-dec) Core System Development 2021 (apr-dec) Big data platform Development
2021 (jan-dec) Marketing and Communication 2021 (jul-sep) WaCo Services Delivery 2021 (oct-dec) EU regional office setup
Company Setup & Partnerships
2018-2019 (oct-jun) - Data Center & Cloud Platform Development
The WaCo Project
2020 (jan-mar) WaCo Business Idea Definition
WaCo Development
2020 (jul-dec) ValueGo Integration with Blockchain
WaCo GoLive
2021 (jan-mar) Start IEO Campaign, WaCo Launch 2021 (jan-dec) Partnership and Agreement with Economic Operators

Waste Digital Coin Tokenomy

Project name: Waste Digital Coin
Ticker: WaCo
Smart Contract: To Develop by TokenMinds
Total Supply: 20,000,000 WaCo
Token price: 1.00USD
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