Policy for WaCo’s token program

I, (as referred as the “Data Subject” or “you”), hereby acknowledge and give my consent that my Personal Data will be collected and processed for the Purposes specified hereafter by Be-Leder d.o.o. having its registered office at Belveder,4 6000 Koper, Slovenia and acting as the Data Controller (as referred as the “Data Controller” or “Be-Leader”).

Personal Data will be collected by the Data Controller in order to (1) analyse waste attitude in aggregate anonymous form; (2) Use this data in a aggregated manner to make profit by the reselling it to economic or statistic operator (as referred as the “Purposes”); (3) disburse the tokens provided for the transfer of information according to the following:

The Earned Points (EP) are the equivalent of the USDT.
One EP is equivalent to one USDT.
EPs are awarded for the following actions

  • User registration                                5 EP
  • Introduce a friend                              1 EP
  • Participation to bounty program      10 EP
  • Disposals see below

In the case of disposals EP are awarded on the basis of the amount of waste according the following formula.


A, B, C indicate the categories of disposed wastes. We intend as category a rough measure of the quantity of the waste.
Categories can be expressed in different units of measurement depending on the type of waste.
The reference value for the three categories is indicated as Kc(A), Kc(B), Kc(C) and are different depending on the type of waste.
Qta(A), Qta(B), Qta(C) indicate the quantity, for any category, of the disposed wastes.
WS is a coefficient that takes into account the type of disposed material.

Token Distribution: at the of each month the system will count the collected token and effectively assign it to the user. After 30 working days the WaCo project will send the total amount of token earned by user of the Waco APP to one or more trading platform. In the assigned platform the user should open a Free trading account and wallet to effectively receive the token earned. In absence the user may loose the right to receive the tokens.

List of type of Personal Data for processing of which the consent is given

  • Basic identification data: your name and surname, date of birth, address, your email, phone number;
  • Basic information related to your waste disposal, quality, quantity, date of disposal, location of disposal;
  • Any feedback formulated by the other participants;
  • The pictures uploaded.

Together as referred as the “Personal Data”.
The Personal Data will be kept for the time strictly necessary to fulfil the Purposes.
Please note that the Personal Data collected by the Data Controller are necessary to meet the purposes pursued by Data Controller, therefore the absence of one of the requested consents or the withdrawal of one of them may oblige the Data Controller to partially restrict or stop the provision of the Services.

Activities with the Personal Data and the way they are processed

Once collected by the persons performing the analysis, who may be unaffiliated with BE-LEADER or its Affiliates, your Personal Data will only be accessible by the persons working at the BE-LEADER located in Slovenia. The same may be accessed by the System Administrator located in Italy and the IT maintenance team located in Italy. Additionally, your Personal Data may be communicated our commercial partners.

The Data Subject’s rights on his/her Personal Data:

In accordance with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 679/2016) and Slovenia Act on Data Protection and other applicable data protection laws and regulations, you have the right to access your Personal Data, and require their rectification or deletion by sending a request to BE-LEADER’s data protection officer at the following address: info@beleadersrl.com  You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority.

Where applicable, you may request the Data Controller to provide you with the Personal Data in a machine-readable format commonly used and elected by the Data Controller.

Data Subject hereby acknowledges and authorize Data Controller to collect, process, use, transfer, disclose and store his/her Personal Data strictly to meet the Purposes and according modalities specified in this Personal Data Processing Consent.

Be-Leader reserves the right to disconnect at his own sole decision from the app anyone who does not respect the conditions of use and community standards.

This privacy policy may be subject to change following law changes or technic updates, including algorithms. We recommend keep this document under review.

Withdrawal of the consents

One or all the consents may be recalled by sending a written notice to BE-LEADER’s data protection officer at the following address: info@beleadersrl.com