Recycling for profit

Turn trash into treasure

There are numerous benefits to recycling. Reducing the use of natural resources, boosting the economy and saving energy, to name just a few. But sometimes it lacks an immediate personal benefit.

The point is that all the waste shouldn’t just be wasted. Something that someone sees as waste could become treasure in someone else’s mind. People take some type of waste and learn how to recycle it properly. This process contributes a lot to minimize the amount of garbage as well as the impact of waste on the environment.

The concept of recycling is really simple. It is the process of reusing the waste that doesn’t have any other use in the process. It changes the physical, biological, and physicochemical state of the waste. The process gives those materials other characteristics that will allow it to become some other raw material or product.

Making money by recycling waste is one of those subjects most debated amongst the waste treatment companies. It is a resource that has been with us since human activity began in the first place. You can recycle it or use it to create energy. Either way, you can turn these tones of trash into treasure.

WaCo real time tracking system and reward

Waste Trace System (WTS) app is designed for helping consumers specify the wastes of which they are disposing. With the specification, consumer can indicate:


  • Type of waste conferred (wet, plastic, metals, paper, and the like)
  • Quantity conferred – volume/weight
  • Date and place of disposal
  • Distribution of the type of waste – food plastic, generic plastic, aluminium, steel
  • Product and brand of the disposed goods.

Users can also attach a photo to certify further the contribution, and the app has features that will verify that the contribution is declared once a day. All necessary specifications will be stored in a blockchain.

Since the effective and efficient collection of waste will increase the management process, WaCo incorporates advanced technical features such as different electronic payment platforms. The platforms can be used for real-time management and conversion of cryptocurrency tokens in the local currency. After the waste has been deposited, systems are put in place to measure the quality and quantity of deposited users’ waste, thereby rewarding users with the appropriate WaCo tokens. The tokens are held in blockchain, and the waste collected is transported to processing sites. Hence, from trash to wealth.